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Hand Washing

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Hand Washing

Essential Questions

Why should we keep our hands clean?

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Getting Ready for the Conversation

Conversation Starters and Practice at Home Activities

School to Home Resources on Hand Washing


Previewing Activity:

Ask students to demonstrate how to wash hands.

Ask additional questions including:

  • Are you done if you have only washed the palms of your hands?
  • How long should you wash hands? (20 seconds)
  • Which is better, soap and warm water or hand sanitizer? (soap and warm water-but hand sanitizer should be used if there is no soap and water)

How can you tell if you have been washing your hands for 20 seconds?

Activity 1:

Watch video: Hand Washing [2 minutes]

Activity 2:

Discussion questions following the video:

  • 1. What did the you learn in the video using the black light and lotion?
  • 2. What are some things that handwashing prevents?

Have students list possible diseases that handwashing helps prevent such as novel coronavirus (COVID-19, flu, common cold).

Activity 3:

Handwashing Posters


After discussing the video say to students, “We have talked about why it is important to wash hands, and now I want you to share what you know”.

Direct Instruction:

Tell students that we are going to help others by creating handwashing posters to remind everyone why it is so important to wash their hands and wash hands correctly.

Guided Exploration (We do):

Students will be placed in pairs to draw posters showing how to wash hands correctly. Assign partners and provide art supplies and posters. Encourage students to make their posters bright and interesting so that people will be encouraged to wash their hands correctly, as often as possible.

Independent practice

Have students draw posters that show all the steps to washing hands and/or show all the reasons why it is important to wash hands correctly, such as COVID-19 and flu prevention.


Have students share and explain their posters.

If possible, find places to share the posters around the school.

Vocabulary and Definitions

“Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” (n.), a rhyming song that takes 20 seconds to sing through three times.

  • Shea sings to himself “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” three times every time he washes his hands.

Virus, (n.), a tiny molecule that can cause infections in people, animals and plants.

  • People are having to take very strict precautions to prevent spreading the COVID-19 virus.
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